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  • The information we provide here is strictly for informational and educational purposes, and has not been evaluated or approved by the FDA. We have gathered this information from medical studies and botanical research in an attempt to educate those looking to conduct research with this plant. It is important to note that Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa) is sold strictly for botanical research and is not to be consumed in any way.

    Why is Kratom Such a Great Option?

    If you aren’t familiar with Kratom, this is a herb that is believed to offer a wide variety of health benefits. The properties offered include healing and soothing. Such products are often taken by those who have therapeutic needs. They don’t like the harsh side effects from over the counter or prescription medications. Being able to gain benefits without those side effects is encouraging.

    The use of Kratom continues to grow for a wide range of ailments. Even though there haven’t been any medical trials conducted with humans, some people will tell you this compound has given them a new lease on life. They feel better, they can focus better, and they don’t stay awake all night due to the chronic pain. Treating chronic pain is one of the most common uses for Kratom.

    Some users state they have tried everything including over the counter and prescription medications. Yet nothing was powerful enough for them to offset the pain and get some relief. The cost of prescription medications can be very expensive, and that was hard on the budget for many households. They claim using Kratom helped them to reduce the pain and they will continue to use it to prevent it from coming back.

    Kratom has also been used by those who are attempting to stop taking opioids. The withdrawals can be very harsh. The physical and mental withdrawal symptoms often result in a user going back to opioids. Using this compound may be what it takes for them to successfully stay away from it and change their lives around. Some have stated they would be dead if they hadn’t found Kratom to help them get away from the dangerous drugs.

    In addition to physical benefits, the use of Kratom to help with mental ailments is also on the rise. This can include fighting depression, reducing stress, and improving overall focus.

    How to Use Kratom

    Some users of Kratom do so for recreational purposes. They simply like the way it makes them feel. Some users take it daily to offset chronic pain and other issues. Since the onset of the benefits can start in as little as 10 minutes, some users choose to only take it when they feel something coming on. They know it will fight it fast and they can get the relief they are after. The effects can last from 2 to 5 hours, depending on the quality of the product.

    When used in small doses, Kratom seems to do very well for individuals. It is a good idea to start out with a low amount of it to see how your body responds. Your body chemistry will play a role in how you adjust to it. Initially, there can be some minor side effects. The body will quickly get used to it though and they will go away.

    Where does it Come From?

    It is derived from certain trees found in the tropical rainforests around Indonesia and Thailand, called Mitragyna Speciosa. It has been widely documented by scientists and botanists. These trees are very large, about 15 feet wide and they can grow up to 30 feet tall. The leaves are dark in color, and they can be very wide. Some of them are up to 4 inches wide and 7 inches long! The trees require the climate in the rainforest to be able to thrive as well as soil that is rich in various nutrients.

    The History of Kratom

    The use of the powder and leaves from these trees has a long history in Southeast Asia. They have been used in various types of ceremonies as well as their medicinal treatments. This has taken place for centuries among the people residing there. However, the benefits from Kratom have only recently been identified around the world.

    Long Term Studies and Research of Kratom

    While both scientists and botanists are interested in the value of Kratom, there is a lack of long term research that has been conducted regarding it. Most of the history about this herb stems from the history and the stories of medicine use among the workers and peasants of Southeast Asia. Some of the literature widely used regarding those benefits are dated from 1836 when a botanist documented workers in Malaysia and the benefits it offered to them.

    Medical research of Kratom dates back to 1907 when samples of Mitragyna Speciosa were sent to the University of Edinburgh for a variety of tests. The alkaloids of Kratom were isolated to study them. A larger medical study was also conducted in 1930 in regard to the psychoactive effects from prescription medications. The goal was to offer consumers a better option to help their health needs without side effects. The same information was verified in a medical study taking place in 1975.

    Verified Information Through Research

    Throughout this research, Mitragyna Speciosa has been verified to over more than 40 different chemical compounds. This includes alkaloids such as:

    • 7 – Hydroxy Mitragynine
    • Corynanthidine
    • Mitragynine
    • Mitragynine Pseudoindoxyl

    The leaves of Kratom offer Rhynchophylline. This is a type of calcium block that will reduce NMDA induced currents. The amount of Mitragynine the leaves offer will depend on various factors. This includes where the trees were grown and the amount of nutrients in the soil. The level of it is higher with trees found around Southeast Asia than those grown in greenhouses or other controlled environments.

    The use of Kratom isn’t going to register on a typical drug test. It will show up if a very specific type of test is used though that is looking for it. This has led to the increase in it being used for recreational purposes. Those who have to comply with drug testing at work can stay under the radar because it isn’t likely to show up like cannabis would.

    Tips when looking for kratom for sale

    It is important to fully understand what a company’s Kratom strains and extracts really have to offer. Verify they are a legitimate business and the quality of the product is going to be there. The purity of the product shouldn’t be compromised based on the technology they put into motion for processing. You will want to buy kratom from a source you can trust. The consistency and reliability of the product are important. When you purchase kratom with Kobe Kratom you are dealing with a very experienced, professional team.

    You don’t want to spend your money only to discover down the road you were scammed. Find out about the methods used to create their products. A legitimate company won’t have any problem with disclosing such details to you.

    Ask questions about shipping too. You need to find out when to expect it and where it will ship from. Ideally, they should provider you with a tracking number. This allows you to identify where it is until it reaches you. Make sure they will ship the Kratom discreetly, so the packaging doesn’t give any indication of what is inside. Your privacy matters when you purchase such products, and they should make it a priority too.

    Compare the process for the products, including the shipping fees that may apply. At Kobe Kratom we are offering a wide variety of products for you to select from. You should also look for a business with high ratings in the area of customer service. It is important to know you can get help when you need it. You may discover Kratom is the compound you need to feel better both physically and mentally. If you continue to struggle with pain or other ailments, it doesn’t hurt to find out!