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Maeng Da Red Vein

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Kratom Powder & Leaf

Maeng Da is a classic Kratom strain and traditionally the most popular. Maeng Da contains one of the highest active alkaloid content of any strain. The ‘Red Vein’ refers to the color of the veins running along the back of the leaf, not of the powder itself. When the leaves are finely grinded, the powder is a vibrant shade of green. Red Vein strains are noted for their sedative, calming, and relaxing qualities. Our Maeng Da is very popular and highly regarded as the real deal. Less established outlets have been selling lesser quality strains and trying to pass it off as true Maeng Da. If you haven’t already, try KobeKratom’s Maeng Da and you will find out why it’s the most popular non-enhanced strain.

Kobe Kratom is proud to offer only the highest quality kratom sourced globally. Consistency, potency, and freshness are our top priorities. When you order with us, rest assured you will get the most premium, freshly harvested kratom available anywhere. The Red Vein Maeng Da is grinded and milled into a very fine powder and vacuum sealed immediately and then kept in a temperature and light controlled environment until it’s shipped to you.

And as always, all orders with Kobe Kratom ship same day with free domestic shipping. Try our Red Vein Maeng Da today!